I was pulled over for allegedly speeding but was never told how fast I was going. The police officer then impounded my car after refusing to identify himself!

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A note from Sony: While we understand our new Mobile ES line can pump up any drive, we don’t condone breaking any laws.


  1. DailyDrivenExotics


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    Super excited to announce Sony’s new “Mobile ES” Product line up series and Mobile ES Speakers. Check out the full system here bit.ly/SonyMobileESdde #SonyPartner #SonyAudio #SonyMobileES Front Speakers: XS-162ES 6.5” 2 way component Rear Speakers: XS-160ES 6.5” coax Subwoofers: XS-W104ES 10” sub Amplifier for Speaker: XM-GS4 Amplifier for Subwoofer: XM-GS100 Head Unit: XAV-AX8000 9inch CarPlay/Android Auto A note from Sony: While we understand our new Mobile ES line can pump up any drive, we don’t condone breaking any laws.

    • Randall Lawkin

      Randall Lawkin

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      And we thought Sony was going out of business, but release a mobile es line! If you know about Sony home audio high end ES line.

    • Lachlan Roberto

      Lachlan Roberto

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      @Sterling Misael definitely, I've been watching on instaflixxer for years myself :)

    • Sterling Misael

      Sterling Misael

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      You probably dont give a shit but if you're stoned like me atm you can watch all of the latest series on instaflixxer. Have been binge watching with my brother for the last months =)

    • tj gaming

      tj gaming

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    • Mahalo Das

      Mahalo Das

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      Why do I feel like they partnered with Sony in order to avoid SME copyright claims hmmm.

  2. FEDEL89


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    Cop's literally covering his face

  3. Texownian


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    you should start doing civil lawsuits (if applicable in Canada) against these officers/municipalities. Things only change when you challenge their wallets.

  4. Marck Martinez

    Marck Martinez

    2 dagar sedan

    The Skyline is my dream car but why are they illegal 😔

  5. Maximas Romulus

    Maximas Romulus

    2 dagar sedan

    The maggot Vomit was hiding from the camera. They must be getting kick backs🇺🇲⚔️🇺🇸

  6. Stephen


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    it's ok bro I'm not really sure what alleged means either

  7. Weasel


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  8. GoldToothDizzle247


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    Thats what happens when your cocky and think your bulletproof.

  9. Dennis Gagnon-Kitchen

    Dennis Gagnon-Kitchen

    4 dagar sedan

    Straight avoiding the camera🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

  10. Carlos Martinez

    Carlos Martinez

    4 dagar sedan

    Dude u got to stop being nice with the cops . Great material tho

  11. Robert Keeton

    Robert Keeton

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    Oh wow, I would absolutely fight that citation and play the video in full during the court date, and then I would sue the court or the district for the fines that you ensued during that experience. Police are required to identify themselves here in the US BEFORE they request your license, insurance, and registration. Their typical line is, "Hello, I am Officer So and So with the This City Police and the reason I pulled you over is such and such and I need to see your license, registration, and insurance." Canadian Mounties or Provincial Police must have different rules and laws.

  12. Robert Keeton

    Robert Keeton

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    So I remember when Sony ES was the absolute shiite...and I was already Sony crazy. All of my first systems had Sony headunits (btw, I'm 38 and my first Sony headunit was an unpowered tape deck with a motorized face), Sony 10-disc CD changer, and I either had Sony ES or Xplod amps, or something somewhat comparable, and some really high quality subs. The ONLY time I would not run Sony mids and highs is was when they weren't available in the size I needed and I ended up going with MB Quart faceplate split sets (STILL my favorites). This was a REALLY nice and extremely clean install in the R34.

  13. Zachery Janzen

    Zachery Janzen

    5 dagar sedan

    Lol, everyone talking crap about the cop as though this guy drives the speed limit.

    • Ashley Roberts

      Ashley Roberts

      3 dagar sedan

      They constantly speed in every video the cops are not new to them why you think he already new that the car could be impounded

  14. William Tufts

    William Tufts

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    And people complain about U.S. cops.

  15. Chief Supreme

    Chief Supreme

    6 dagar sedan

    Having a tow truck come out to impede traffic and cause a major distraction to other drivers is way safer than being reasonable and letting you drive off and carry on with your day.

  16. Extinks


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    What was that first song they played I need it

  17. Diesel Addict

    Diesel Addict

    6 dagar sedan

    Cop seemed extremely nervous

  18. Billy Reynolds

    Billy Reynolds

    6 dagar sedan

    Sony mobile ES, was a serious line back in my childhood! So happy to see them doing new things!

  19. i am the wolf

    i am the wolf

    6 dagar sedan

    makes no since why he impowend it this is so sus and he is ignoring his questions to this cop is a law breaker hard core XDD

  20. Tracer2376


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    Canadians don't know shit about audio and cars. And using Sony LMFAO, the same company that sold Xplode to Wal-Mart. Try a Sub that is a prototype, and Amp that is also a Prototype as well. AMP 350Watts Sub: 12" deep base could handle 1000Watts Both are set to zero for a Scion XB Gen 1, and are turned to it. Infinity Reference 600 Series with crossovers. front Infinity Kappa rear series 64CFX Pioneer Dule Din Deck lowend. At 15 out of 40 I can be heard 3.5 miles away.

  21. Rich


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    They should have put it on a flatbed.

  22. konto 13524

    konto 13524

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    yeah cop thing was there but no one is gonna talk about putting stereo in r34? imagine listening to anything but this car while riding.

  23. Tom Flint

    Tom Flint

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    How can they toe R3- Oh you mean the car

  24. Allen Cobb

    Allen Cobb

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    F that. I would've driven off once the pigs gave me my license and papers back

  25. Barun S

    Barun S

    8 dagar sedan

    3:55 anyone kno the name of the song ?

  26. Gloxzii


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    It was only a Nissan lmao, not the end of the world. But coming from NY myself that’s crazy, even the ones up here are nicer for the most part

  27. Tanner vinson

    Tanner vinson

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    “What was your name” - here you go sir. How is this legal!?!?!?

    • zig zag

      zig zag

      4 dagar sedan

      I'm thinking that was his name.😂 (" here you go sir")

  28. Tanner vinson

    Tanner vinson

    9 dagar sedan

    Canadian police can get away with not answering any questions, including speed time, how they measured it, name/badge number. Insane.

  29. Tanner vinson

    Tanner vinson

    9 dagar sedan

    Not In this video but maybe don’t bash USA so much brother! Can’t judge the popular media by the whole community. The majority are loving good hearted people. Awesome you visit all the time so I bet you know that yourself! Love the videos found you recently and have been binge watching. Make sure you check out the east side! So pretty

  30. Lester Jones

    Lester Jones

    9 dagar sedan

    With everyone blowing the horn the cop probably was like who is this guy. Then he was think oh I messed up, can't back down now.

  31. Legitnesproツ


    9 dagar sedan

    The cop was a total dick 😤

  32. Vertisce


    9 dagar sedan

    There's an officer that deserves an immediate firing. What an unprofessional asshole.

  33. Josh Johnson

    Josh Johnson

    10 dagar sedan

    Do people not get you need good speakers to listen to good speakers

  34. youtube sucks

    youtube sucks

    10 dagar sedan

    Always sue the police for things like this

  35. youtube sucks

    youtube sucks

    10 dagar sedan

    Always have a dash cam pointing at your speedometer

  36. youtube sucks

    youtube sucks

    10 dagar sedan

    Police always profile classic and supercars. I always have to be extremely careful in my car as its not a supercar but its a 67 SS Camero with a 572 and i get harrassed constantly

  37. Saskwatch


    10 dagar sedan

    Please ruin this officers career in court. What a pile of excrement.

  38. Leo Torres

    Leo Torres

    10 dagar sedan

    You should have gotten picked up in a super car to make the cop mad

  39. Motivation Exceeds Me

    Motivation Exceeds Me

    11 dagar sedan

    These fake videos are pretty dangerous. Making people hate the cops in your local area just for views. Not a real cop, car wasn't actually impounded. The records are publicly available and no GTR was impounded in the last 6 months.

  40. Official TYGZilla

    Official TYGZilla

    11 dagar sedan

    I’ll be back in a minute Ok have a good day

  41. Motivation Exceeds Me

    Motivation Exceeds Me

    11 dagar sedan

    Video starts at 6:05 The fuck knows why any of that shit was at the start XD

  42. RubyGamez


    11 dagar sedan

    fakest police car in the thumbnail lol that was badly edited

  43. David Tabor

    David Tabor

    11 dagar sedan

    What a jerk wad

  44. Giovanni Laderer

    Giovanni Laderer

    12 dagar sedan

    Should’ve asked for his supervisor cuz that was bullshit

  45. Whiskey Squared

    Whiskey Squared

    12 dagar sedan

    I hope you filed a lawsuit against the police dept... if that's even allowed in Canada. I'm from the U.S.... and we sue police all the time.

  46. GoD ZiLLa

    GoD ZiLLa

    12 dagar sedan

    What's the songs name???

  47. Nobodycares21 Eshkit21

    Nobodycares21 Eshkit21

    12 dagar sedan

    Bro wtf they can’t impound ur car like that they are tripping

  48. AAA Shutdown

    AAA Shutdown

    12 dagar sedan

    What is the first song that they played?

  49. ALIENfx


    12 dagar sedan

    In this traffic density of this road the probability of Damon speeding seems highly unlikely...

  50. ALIENfx


    12 dagar sedan

    After all these years watching DDE, before 10k and just now realizing we have the same birthday. Small Canadian World

  51. LeyousFilms


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  52. villagelightsmith


    13 dagar sedan

    I would have expected far, far better from B.C.

  53. Matthew Suthers

    Matthew Suthers

    13 dagar sedan

    I wish I had the cash to represent you guys here in Tucson and surrounding areas. Could I only have a sexy like those!

  54. Chubb85 Cars and Life

    Chubb85 Cars and Life

    13 dagar sedan

    Bruh.... He was big mad. I think you pissed him off being to nonchalant. 🤣🤣🤣

  55. Aurora Gaming Channel

    Aurora Gaming Channel

    13 dagar sedan

    Definitely would be good for Audit the Audit

  56. 19993gt


    13 dagar sedan

    My only question and maybe one day it is a video. But how where you able to pitch and sell this idea to Sony. Great job. I just want to audience to learn better and newer way to get these daily exotics

  57. Pitchyy


    13 dagar sedan

    Keeps blocking his face, he knows hes wrong

  58. BonVilain


    14 dagar sedan

    I got my car impounded and my license suspended for a week by a municipal cop on the highway, in Quebec, Canada. If only I knew that it was illegal because highways are the jurisdiction of the provincial police only. Add $3200 on top of that to pay my lawyer. Otherwise, I would've lost my license since I didn't have my full permit at the time. Having a basic knowledge of the law is important, cops will abuse your ignorance. Also, try to avoid going 70 km/h over the limit. The whole situation was me being double retarded but still, it was an unlawful arrest with unlawful consequences.

  59. The Batman

    The Batman

    14 dagar sedan

    I would be so pissed off if they towed my skyline

  60. Victor Wolf

    Victor Wolf

    14 dagar sedan

    Any updates on this?

  61. Kevin Fix

    Kevin Fix

    14 dagar sedan

    Looked to me like one of those kids that use to get picked on in grade school and grew up with that I'm a wienie now but one day complex. Just his way of getting back at one of the cool kids!!!

  62. Machlan MISH

    Machlan MISH

    14 dagar sedan

    bro like what? how could you even speed 40 over in traffic like that.

  63. matt2244


    14 dagar sedan

    Welcome to BC if you have a Alberta plate they hate Alberta people.

  64. Atul M

    Atul M

    14 dagar sedan

    Those DDE fans honking at you guys was so wholesome !!

  65. Caleb Jodoin

    Caleb Jodoin

    14 dagar sedan

    Cops like that deserve to get shot at

  66. Ratan Singh

    Ratan Singh

    14 dagar sedan


  67. ItzMeLuiz


    15 dagar sedan

    Easily winning that court case if you sue him 💪🏽

  68. alexagreno


    15 dagar sedan

    Did you guys upgrade the alt? I see the stock alt for an R34 is 150amps I fail to see how a lot of people run aftermarket systems without frying their alt. My previous vehicle went through 2 alts between my speakers & subs (and i blew the speakers because Harmon / Karmon lied to me when i emailed them about the RMS wattage that wasn't posted originally) and i can't even run my subs because my Sentra's electrical system clearly can't take the subs (interior lights dimming to the bass), It's been so long i can't even remember what subs are in my trunk (300 or 350w RMS each, i forget, DVC subs wired down to 2ohms with an Alpine MRX-M1000 on 1/0 Gauge OFC)

  69. QUANTUMquest The billionaire salesman cowboy

    QUANTUMquest The billionaire salesman cowboy

    15 dagar sedan

    Yea i think he was on his time of the month,what a complete prick and ignorant erm he was....

  70. Rather Be Restoring

    Rather Be Restoring

    15 dagar sedan

    I own only 4 vehicles compared to your whole fleet but I have a dash cam in every one of them that displays my speed on the screen..for these instances, crashes, etc.

  71. Tiktok reacts

    Tiktok reacts

    16 dagar sedan

    It looks like the Nissan skyline

  72. Fück Yoü

    Fück Yoü

    16 dagar sedan

    Things like this makes me love Texas even more 🇨🇱

  73. William Mustang

    William Mustang

    16 dagar sedan

    That cop was a douchebag

  74. Hase


    16 dagar sedan

    Damn even through the video you can hear how good it sounds...

  75. Riley Johnson

    Riley Johnson

    16 dagar sedan

    Am I the only one that noticed the BMW isetta

  76. Cha0s Rize2795

    Cha0s Rize2795

    16 dagar sedan

    So why is he pissed off when the r34 is still illegal dosent make sense to me

  77. zap the boss

    zap the boss

    16 dagar sedan

    yo now it corey funknow it you messed up

  78. seabiscuit6776


    17 dagar sedan

    Canada is a piece of shit place. Come to Texas

  79. jmcculloh88


    17 dagar sedan

    Ok so what’s the point for impounding the car for 7 days? And that’s Canada for you. Here in the states that officer would be in deep trouble and that ticket would be thrown out easily because an attorney would eat his lunch. So as the line from South Park would say “FUCK CANADA”

  80. Jon R

    Jon R

    17 dagar sedan

    You need one of the nexar dash cams that you can switch between vehicles easily. That way when you get these bogus citations you literally open the app and show the cop that you weren’t speeding. If he continues to give you a ticket force him to call his supervisor and show him the footage that you weren’t speeding. I guess you don’t have personal rights in Canada. Fuck Canada, eh?

  81. Jon R

    Jon R

    17 dagar sedan

    That’s such bullshit, you literally don’t have to answer any questions police ask you in the US as you have the “RIGHT” to remain silent. You ask me where I’m going or what I’m doing here? None of your fucking business, give me a citation or let me go. They are trained to ask you leading questions to make you stumble into more charges. Remain silent at all times when talking to police.

  82. alex john

    alex john

    17 dagar sedan

    They stiched you right up .I hope you let us know what happens in court

  83. Julian Johnston Jr.

    Julian Johnston Jr.

    17 dagar sedan

    You should try to get that asshole fuzz fired.

  84. Sr. Dellinger cOCK

    Sr. Dellinger cOCK

    18 dagar sedan

    love how he blocks his face from the cameras

  85. Gabi Koonings

    Gabi Koonings

    18 dagar sedan

    Oh yeah, you are gonna sue him right ? Because this is bullshit, and he HAS to answer you as far as i know !? At least SOME questions ! Like what he's getting you for, and his name (and possibly badge or personnel number or whatever they use). This guy was being a dick.

  86. TommyM321 (Tommy)

    TommyM321 (Tommy)

    18 dagar sedan

    This cop reminds me of the cops in idiocracy.

  87. Dusty Little

    Dusty Little

    18 dagar sedan

    Is it common practice to point your tires into traffic in case it gets hit from behind?

  88. Truth Syrum lifestyle

    Truth Syrum lifestyle

    18 dagar sedan

    He was a super dick that's why he was so evasive Everytime you asked him a Question ⁉️ he supposed to tell you how fast you was going he was a prick from the beginning

  89. Adam W

    Adam W

    19 dagar sedan

    what a S-head

  90. Limo


    19 dagar sedan

    Dam they seem more corrupt then Chicago cops wowwwwww

  91. Liberty Prepper

    Liberty Prepper

    19 dagar sedan

    why is it you never have dashcam video to back up your claim that you weren't speeding

  92. bard lar

    bard lar

    19 dagar sedan

    Add a dashcam facing the speedometer

  93. Brian Desjarlais

    Brian Desjarlais

    19 dagar sedan

    Your camera work sucks ! Quick making the jerky moves ! Fuck !



    19 dagar sedan

    In the beginning he say everybody knows this song, well No! Not one song you played. What a bunch of Dorks.

  95. Gordon Stearns

    Gordon Stearns

    19 dagar sedan

    I guess that money can buy

  96. Bilal Kadri

    Bilal Kadri

    20 dagar sedan

    Canadian cops aren't as great as people perceive them

  97. T0pherG0pher923 Peck

    T0pherG0pher923 Peck

    20 dagar sedan

    Like how he asked like sixty times if he owned the car



    20 dagar sedan

    This really just pissed me off 😂 I won’t say much cause of snow flakes but lmao

  99. austin gob8

    austin gob8

    20 dagar sedan

    do the type r its not fair if u dont

  100. Patrick Owens

    Patrick Owens

    20 dagar sedan

    You sound oddly chipper for some reason🤔 The officer was an A- hole