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YOU WON"T BELIEVE WHY THIS COP PULLS ME OVER! *Most Ridiculous Ticket In A Lamborghini* se-one.info/cycle/Yr2tZsmbnHqIja4/video
You WON"T BELIEVE WHY He Pulled Over! se-one.info/cycle/natiftmIb6OOmrY/video
Laguna Police Ticket Lamborghini Passenger WE'RE IN TROUBLE se-one.info/cycle/qMSfeZFkqK6bpKo/video
Lamborghini Pulled Over By Oregon State Police se-one.info/cycle/dsiHpKyUqrGogaI/video
WE TOUR FAST \u0026 FURIOUS LOCATIONS IN LA! "TUNA, NO CRUST" se-one.info/cycle/bLN2nZRmh4WJZ8g/video


  1. treadmenot


    Dag sedan

    The super cars we built not expecting thousands of reviews LOL

  2. Chris Holtz

    Chris Holtz

    Dag sedan

    That GT3RS is sounding insane!👌🔥

  3. Lars Lone

    Lars Lone

    3 dagar sedan

    DDE, When you are back in Cali you should go check out the Czinger 21C.

  4. Noah Drury

    Noah Drury

    4 dagar sedan

    p1 grr

    • Noah Drury

      Noah Drury

      4 dagar sedan


  5. LLAMA 14

    LLAMA 14

    4 dagar sedan

    Koiningsegg one:1 ?

  6. Joey McQuilkin

    Joey McQuilkin

    5 dagar sedan

    One less billionaire in the Oakanagin 😂 The GT3RS is so nasty now !!!!

  7. epliphis


    5 dagar sedan

    All of you guys are lit 🔥

  8. Daniel Volta

    Daniel Volta

    5 dagar sedan


  9. Leith Schroeder

    Leith Schroeder

    5 dagar sedan

    The CCX is a fantastic idea, way over the bug and the gt

  10. TheDodoReviver


    5 dagar sedan

    DDE.. There is a CCXR for sale in Norway at an asking price of $1.8 Mill..

  11. babemokzar


    5 dagar sedan

    I knew Damon was going to win but DAMN i thought you two were friends, you exnihilated him.

  12. clevry7 Clevry

    clevry7 Clevry

    6 dagar sedan

    Is it a alpha 12

  13. TurboSpeedQualifier


    6 dagar sedan

    It’s a good thing the tire did that where it did and not on a busy highway.

  14. detective goodman

    detective goodman

    6 dagar sedan

    Better becaful out there Damon don't want dave to paul walker you

  15. Ker Plunk

    Ker Plunk

    6 dagar sedan

    is it possible that guy was mad?

  16. David Lara

    David Lara

    6 dagar sedan

    Damon, Dave, Gabe, and Raymond(aka uncle RayRay) please torque lug nuts/bolts, please guys. You have to keep making those vids. DDE! DDE! DDE!

  17. tom moon

    tom moon

    6 dagar sedan

    I feel like every enthusiast should not use tc, abs, power steering it really teaches you how to feel the car. Those benefits can sometimes play against your favor. But, I'ma just a Honda bro lol peace and love fellow car homies 🤙

  18. Isheanopa Ngandu

    Isheanopa Ngandu

    6 dagar sedan

    This was a video and then some. Need more of these

  19. James Laws

    James Laws

    6 dagar sedan

    Same thing happened to me with my truck on 35, 12.50s. Let’s just say when the wheel fully comes off hold tf on tight😬

  20. Jasper Colorado

    Jasper Colorado

    7 dagar sedan

    Who is the girl in the white tank doing the times in the beginning of the video for Dave and Damon?

  21. Timothy 'Chase' Mies

    Timothy 'Chase' Mies

    7 dagar sedan

    Great episode fellas!

  22. Sergeantgrunt


    7 dagar sedan

    Lets have a Jamie VLOG. His skills with these videos makes you guys look good. What does Jamie drive? Does he go along on the rallies?

  23. Landon Dautremont

    Landon Dautremont

    7 dagar sedan

    We need the alerts out on that track next

  24. jack Smith

    jack Smith

    7 dagar sedan

    I know this is just one comment but I dear you to build a 1000hp diablo call it EL-DIABLO

  25. Gareth Peters

    Gareth Peters

    7 dagar sedan

    Or how about a Pagani Zonda?

  26. Gareth Peters

    Gareth Peters

    7 dagar sedan

    Königsegg Agera would be more like it Dude!

  27. t c

    t c

    7 dagar sedan

    I can only imagine how far and how much $10k could get me restoring and building my first car to the specs I want it. But to be to the point of casually throwing a $10k bet out must be a dream and one I would love to live in... Dave Damon if you ever get to travel around east Texas and feel $10k heavy I'll play you a game of pool!!! Love the videos guys!!! They have kept me sane and driven!!!! Much love from TEXAS💓 KEEP THEM COMIMG!

  28. gerard morales

    gerard morales

    7 dagar sedan

    That em1 is sexiest car in the video

  29. Wisam A

    Wisam A

    8 dagar sedan

    5:00 animation damn

  30. Wisam A

    Wisam A

    8 dagar sedan

    best episode in a long time

  31. RabbitOnWii xd

    RabbitOnWii xd

    8 dagar sedan

    *Senna GTR For Sure*



    8 dagar sedan

    what is that chrome car? cant figure it out

  33. Walter Kintner

    Walter Kintner

    8 dagar sedan

    Dave is hilarious best channel out for cars

  34. Isaías Gómez

    Isaías Gómez

    8 dagar sedan

    That transition was crazy 😳

  35. Curts World96

    Curts World96

    8 dagar sedan

    Every car youtube dude is laughing like ho ho ho like fukin santa cluas or stradman or the guy who stated doing that shmee150 the only guy I respect. Idk why anyone would watch this nonsense ho ho ho !!!😂😂😂 clout chaser 🤡

  36. Brutus 632

    Brutus 632

    8 dagar sedan

    Great video! Can someone explain to me how AutoVlog can run a contest "REQUIERING" subs to purchase an item from his shop when the rules specifically say the contest MUST be FREE to enter or it is an illegal lottery? Lets say ONLY 20,000 of his almost 700K subs buys a $5 hat......Do the math.....the car is barely worth 18K.....that's a $82K profit! Dude stands to make a whole lot of easy money...(which is how he can afford to "give" the car away)....which seams really wrong

  37. John Bruce

    John Bruce

    8 dagar sedan

    Gawd, that GT3 RS sounds sick. Can't get over it.

  38. John Bruce

    John Bruce

    8 dagar sedan

    Damon!!! Thought about an Ariel Atom?!?!?!?

  39. Karolis Jukna

    Karolis Jukna

    8 dagar sedan

    Helmet Transition!!!!!! fire!



    8 dagar sedan

    16:55 look at that bounce

  41. Nicholas Sanders

    Nicholas Sanders

    8 dagar sedan

    The GTR is a BEAST!

  42. chris baker

    chris baker

    8 dagar sedan

    Ive been wanting to see a koenigsegg on here for a bit glad its finally been mentioned

  43. Tavarish


    8 dagar sedan

    what is it with you guys and wheels falling off :)

    • John Bruce

      John Bruce

      8 dagar sedan

      Hahahahah! I caught that Freddie! Hahahaha! The gool ol days, huh? Also, hi!

  44. Dylan Taylor

    Dylan Taylor

    8 dagar sedan

    Dave’s the fastest

  45. Steven Vester

    Steven Vester

    8 dagar sedan

    What is the chrome car at the beginning

  46. Xbox SeriesX

    Xbox SeriesX

    8 dagar sedan

    More of this

  47. Georges Ibrahim

    Georges Ibrahim

    8 dagar sedan

    I ride my ATV ALMOST DAILY and i am crazier than anyone on An ATV i am10 years old

  48. Georges Ibrahim

    Georges Ibrahim

    8 dagar sedan

    Why is everyone spelling sorry like someone is saying soarry

  49. Yaboi


    9 dagar sedan

    sell the other huracans for the sto and get a ccx

  50. roblox_awsomeplayer awsome

    roblox_awsomeplayer awsome

    9 dagar sedan

    hi DDE im a huge fan i jsut want to say just keep your work and you will get you want just work it hard :D

  51. J's Calicdan

    J's Calicdan

    9 dagar sedan

    16:52 that girl is beautiful

  52. Eric Ashmore

    Eric Ashmore

    9 dagar sedan

    this video should be called proof dde does not need to go fast to be cool. sold the fastest car on the channel and still the GOAT

  53. Hec HTX

    Hec HTX

    9 dagar sedan

    Best vid, my fave. We need more of this

  54. Dane Fordhard

    Dane Fordhard

    9 dagar sedan

    Can I ask this question but why does all the dde cars have the check engine light on

  55. J Lo

    J Lo

    9 dagar sedan

    It's sad no one's told Dave how to hit an apex by now. You guys are holding out on him for the memes. Buncha bullies xD

  56. Coasting California

    Coasting California

    9 dagar sedan

    When in doubt just follow the tire tracks of better drivers before you lol

  57. JDM BOIZ


    9 dagar sedan




    9 dagar sedan

    Dave is so gay hahaha everyone knows it

  59. Svbreezy25


    9 dagar sedan

    This is dope as fuck but I still think the @Darwinproaeros 720s bodykit. Se^2 GTR looks absolutely insane!

  60. Taylor Dunn

    Taylor Dunn

    9 dagar sedan

    A senna would be crazy

  61. AbdulXBL


    9 dagar sedan

    Get the agera rs or senna gtr

  62. Anthony-joe Dib

    Anthony-joe Dib

    9 dagar sedan

    DDE actually messed up by selling that gtr

  63. Subzero


    9 dagar sedan

    this is probably my favourite episode

  64. Chris Candia

    Chris Candia

    9 dagar sedan

    That was a great episode of DDE. Miss seeing stuff like that on this channel. Come back to Cali.

  65. Adam Rose

    Adam Rose

    9 dagar sedan

    4:59 one of the cleanest transitions 🔥🔥

  66. abbe


    9 dagar sedan

    was that 200 km or mils?

  67. steve11838


    9 dagar sedan

    Wow … That gtr

  68. xLSx Denali

    xLSx Denali

    9 dagar sedan

    LMAO!....poor mike 100% did not want to die that die lol

  69. TorontosMostHated 416

    TorontosMostHated 416

    9 dagar sedan

    She soaked that seat little hottie

  70. Chris Metcalfe

    Chris Metcalfe

    9 dagar sedan

    More air break 🤯

  71. Mike crystal robert

    Mike crystal robert

    9 dagar sedan

    Over priced junk

  72. Leslley Scotte

    Leslley Scotte

    9 dagar sedan

    How can Dave still not have picked up the most basic of driving skills?

  73. Surfer Dan

    Surfer Dan

    9 dagar sedan

    What a great way to spend time...on a track. Fantastic day...fantastic video

  74. Quinn Spieker

    Quinn Spieker

    9 dagar sedan

    Dave needs P1 hood for his 675. Makes it look so much better

  75. kaybob


    9 dagar sedan

    When no one says anything about the clean em1 next to the 3RS on their first stop

  76. Junior Rodriguez

    Junior Rodriguez

    9 dagar sedan

    Wooo woo woo what's the pass lmaol what a nut in a his scared shell lmaol woo settle it down there turbo lmaol lol lol lol wooooo wooooo hoodoo hooooollly shit your not even in full throttle lmaol I love you Billionaire Mike

  77. Lance Kramer

    Lance Kramer

    9 dagar sedan

    Mike lost wheel privilege

  78. armando patane

    armando patane

    9 dagar sedan

    I bet that gt3 is a track beast

  79. armando patane

    armando patane

    9 dagar sedan

    Poor Dave always eating shit / we love you Dave

  80. angel valencia

    angel valencia

    9 dagar sedan

    Billionaire mikes epic reactions 😂

  81. R1100Srider


    9 dagar sedan

    Love watching the Mike Hall driving reactions. This could be a whole new channel.

  82. Petr O

    Petr O

    9 dagar sedan

    25:49 that shot is so epic!

  83. APFAB1


    9 dagar sedan

    Track day was the best !

  84. Matt Barrow

    Matt Barrow

    9 dagar sedan

    That R35 is scary but so awesome!! 😍

  85. Alexandre Barnes

    Alexandre Barnes

    9 dagar sedan

    More track day ,less news car

  86. Neil Fensome

    Neil Fensome

    9 dagar sedan

    Diabolo next car and modifiable

  87. If Only

    If Only

    9 dagar sedan

    imo that gt3 rs is the best sounding car of the DDE fleet. Even better than the cgt or the Murci

  88. Mitch Egner

    Mitch Egner

    9 dagar sedan

    Was a pleasure re attaching the wheel for you guys! Maybe bring it by the shop first next time and ill give them a quick check haha

  89. Flamingo


    9 dagar sedan

    Wheel from the mclaren : Me gonna die

  90. Ridhwan Andila

    Ridhwan Andila

    9 dagar sedan

    Damn..i hope the gtr get full track build up..:)

  91. Matthew Cieciura

    Matthew Cieciura

    9 dagar sedan

    If you are looking for McLaren senna gtr there is a page on Instagram called McLarensforsale I have sent a dm sharing the page with you on Instagram

  92. Carlos Sosa

    Carlos Sosa

    9 dagar sedan

    Mclaren is the worst brand of super car ever all the channels with them and they all have problems and it shows they pay no attention whatsoever to product safety all they care about it the money 💴 and it shows on all the SE-one channels

  93. Catalin Barbu

    Catalin Barbu

    9 dagar sedan

    Its funny how Damon always says he is the better driver but Dave has some of the best driver's cars ever!!!! :)

  94. Jaylon Soares

    Jaylon Soares

    9 dagar sedan

    I can say this. Mike will never enter that gtr again😂😂

  95. Albert “Yosiki”

    Albert “Yosiki”

    9 dagar sedan

    This Marc Marquez helmet on luxury cars looks F***** Awesome!!!! YSOB :P

  96. AYAYAYA ayayaya

    AYAYAYA ayayaya

    9 dagar sedan

    not even full throttle

  97. joshua benny

    joshua benny

    9 dagar sedan

    Luke is such a big simp we love it

  98. N A

    N A

    9 dagar sedan


  99. VWEAST


    9 dagar sedan

    The time attack lady is very pretty!!

  100. N A

    N A

    9 dagar sedan