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YOU WON"T BELIEVE WHY THIS COP PULLS ME OVER! *Most Ridiculous Ticket In A Lamborghini*
You WON"T BELIEVE WHY He Pulled Over!
Laguna Police Ticket Lamborghini Passenger WE'RE IN TROUBLE
Lamborghini Pulled Over By Oregon State Police


  1. DailyDrivenExotics


    Månad sedan

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    • Jamie Robertson

      Jamie Robertson

      28 dagar sedan

      Should come to Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

    • Thunder Smith

      Thunder Smith

      Månad sedan

      Shoot the pipe's straight up & out of the back hatch that a be NASTY Just like he did the last one that was DOPE I've loved that car,,,But I'm happy for u DAVE u came a long way bud u believe in DAMON'S DREAM like a real friend,,,,Now look u got & still getting everything that u ever dream of,,,,,,,Now it's time to get MADD WHIPS a new car or at least wrap his hes DDE now,,,,I've always thought DAMON was and is a down to earth dude,,,,,,I'm a middle age guy from as we say it the HOOD that been riding with DDE since the beginning threw everything,,,,I love to see yall win ain't know hate in my blood love y'all & where's DAVE'S black LAMBO at the 1 with the Brixton wheel's??????????????

    • A_ Person_747

      A_ Person_747

      Månad sedan

      CANARDS PLS! In the 720 GTR It is taking so long I think I might just prefer Damon to just make some like he supposedly did in his mother’s garage. Maybe get a 720s GT3 spoiler and MAYBE MAKE THE ROOF SCOOP FUNCTIONAL?????

    • Lucky Relax

      Lucky Relax

      Månad sedan

      2 nice for Dave

    • Tom NB

      Tom NB

      Månad sedan

      Twin Turbo it!!

  2. GC-Grubb2


    4 dagar sedan

    i love the neon wheels on the porshe

  3. EdwardRC Car

    EdwardRC Car

    7 dagar sedan

    So Damion bought Dave the car?

  4. JC


    7 dagar sedan

    Love the car, not the color. Too many in you past & present fleet. Interior and that wink kick ass.

  5. Patrick Taylor

    Patrick Taylor

    8 dagar sedan

    Straight pipe it!!

  6. Aaron Reezqy

    Aaron Reezqy

    10 dagar sedan

    do a big ass wing

  7. Mackenzie Needham

    Mackenzie Needham

    11 dagar sedan

    my boyfriend and his roommate from gp customs helped get your Gallardo it was fucking gnarly

  8. MSanta_2


    16 dagar sedan

    Anyone like the Lambo more?

  9. Clint Holder

    Clint Holder

    17 dagar sedan

    Congratulations Dave !!!

  10. Brody Souter

    Brody Souter

    18 dagar sedan

    Do you even have to ask what mod you should do obviously straight pipe it and make it scream even more Then it does already

  11. Jackson Irengbam

    Jackson Irengbam

    18 dagar sedan

    Dave ysob

  12. ScHr4nZii


    18 dagar sedan

    Bring it to Slovenia. Italy can hide

  13. ScHr4nZii


    18 dagar sedan

    Meeeh. Just dont say this car is better than GT3RS. That is a beast to keep.

  14. Saad Ganie

    Saad Ganie

    19 dagar sedan


  15. Joey McQuilkin

    Joey McQuilkin

    20 dagar sedan

    New Mclaren is SICK AF Dave, congrats bro. Do wheels first, then straight pipe and tune Anthony’s face 😭😭

  16. David Smith

    David Smith

    20 dagar sedan

    Time for wrap change with the Porsche with those sexy wheels

  17. Awesome Deadman

    Awesome Deadman

    21 dag sedan

    Holy shit, that LT is seeeeeeexy!

  18. C M

    C M

    22 dagar sedan

    please do not smile Dave, you look horrible!

  19. jayoh123


    22 dagar sedan

    um how bout slaying tires and stuff u guys used to do instead of just buying new shit all the time? . i liked your older vids. hope u guys get back to it. still a fan but just showing off your new stuff and just selling merc is kinda getting old for me

  20. Jossiell Arce

    Jossiell Arce

    23 dagar sedan

    Lol he said los angielis

  21. Scott Anderson

    Scott Anderson

    23 dagar sedan

    First mod for the 675 is a no-brainer... ROOF SCOOP!

  22. T Beck

    T Beck

    24 dagar sedan

    I absolutely hate McLaren! They are ugly and lose their value so fast! Get a Ferrari next time or AMG GT.

  23. Aaron


    24 dagar sedan

    I approve....

  24. Matt Fernandes

    Matt Fernandes

    24 dagar sedan

    Dave has the whips now

  25. Thiago Oliveira

    Thiago Oliveira

    24 dagar sedan

    whats that green car at 6:15 ??

  26. Desmond Cristuardo

    Desmond Cristuardo

    25 dagar sedan

    Always with the “I’m buying my dream supercar”

  27. Itzaustiin


    25 dagar sedan

    Straight pipe asap

  28. Giedrius Meila

    Giedrius Meila

    26 dagar sedan

    You made so much “We bought” videos that “We sold” would be more interesting at the moment

  29. Tana Griego

    Tana Griego

    26 dagar sedan

    Please come to New Mexico!! We’ve been waiting for you here !!

  30. Dimitri Zirkov

    Dimitri Zirkov

    26 dagar sedan

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  31. Ryan Jones

    Ryan Jones

    26 dagar sedan

    And here I am watching this inside my WRX 😂 I need to level up!

  32. Brandon Chau

    Brandon Chau

    26 dagar sedan

    now, patiently waiting for them to make this 675LT into the 675LT GTR to match his 720 GTR!!

  33. Jihan Hamza

    Jihan Hamza

    26 dagar sedan

    Mad whips porsche with neon yellow wheel is sick ..

  34. John Carella

    John Carella

    26 dagar sedan

    I love the car bud!!! And it’s so nice to hear about the car/specs! Thanks Dave!!!



    26 dagar sedan

    Is there jhon cena telling about aston martin.

  36. hussein rahima

    hussein rahima

    26 dagar sedan

    Awesome choice Dave! Congratulations on your Brand New car 🎉❤️

  37. John Doe

    John Doe

    26 dagar sedan

    Remember when DDE used to actually have content of them DRIVING the cars for more than 30 seconds through an industrial park from one of their boys shops to advert to another? Pepperidge farms remembers. Of all the GORGEOUS roads throughout Canada they could be making vids driving their exotics, it’s every episode of “we’re here at August we bought (leased) a new car!….now we’re at fast track auto look how cool this color is!!….off to see uncle Raymond, look how sick this way out of our price range car is, should this be the next DDE car?!? Comment below…oh btw look merch merch merch” and throw in 5 paid promo’s. You’ve got a HUGE country full of beautiful roads and scenery with a HUGE car scene…create some original content Damon.

  38. fred mayer

    fred mayer

    26 dagar sedan

    Congratulations Dave. Superb choice.

  39. Sam Payton

    Sam Payton

    27 dagar sedan

    May I suggest looking into a Saleen S7. There’s only 7 being made. More than a decade old, and still run strong. They’re thinking of bringing the S7 back with a different look

  40. ALi kabooka

    ALi kabooka

    27 dagar sedan

    50 shades of yellow

  41. Andrew Daniels

    Andrew Daniels

    27 dagar sedan

    1st mod-ish paint match the brake calipers

  42. Obsirv


    27 dagar sedan

    $79 for 49 gallons😔 i pay $40 for 9 gallons

  43. Westeraz


    27 dagar sedan

    Put carbone fiber roof on it with scoop. Its sezy and only 40 grand ;)

  44. Pimped Mobility Project

    Pimped Mobility Project

    27 dagar sedan

    For a reg you should get something like mckaren

  45. Spectre 673

    Spectre 673

    27 dagar sedan

    Whenever Dave gets on camera....... Nerd alert..... Nice choice dude enjoy it to the fullest

  46. Rudas Guebert

    Rudas Guebert

    27 dagar sedan

    It needs a crazy Gintany flame tune asap

  47. Kavita Singh

    Kavita Singh

    27 dagar sedan

    You guys should go to Texas and make a video on the F12 and check it out and show us what u think about it so far

  48. Ali Ramsey

    Ali Ramsey

    28 dagar sedan

    Love it but why not a p1

  49. Lucky “LuckyCharmin” Charms

    Lucky “LuckyCharmin” Charms

    28 dagar sedan

    Grats dave!! And DDE hard work pays off gt3 package that car woooo

  50. C Trox (Scat Cat)

    C Trox (Scat Cat)

    28 dagar sedan

    Hey, Dave my car has bluetooth and remote start and push start, comfortable ride, sport mode makes it a little quicker, it's all around fun, and flashing lights display! Oh yeah, light display is something my American muscle car has none of your cars have. Ok, compared to Daily Driven Exotic car its not even close, well, I tried.

  51. Enrico Rotgans

    Enrico Rotgans

    28 dagar sedan

    Exhaust en rims

  52. We love Suga

    We love Suga

    28 dagar sedan

    Too nice for dave

  53. Distant Anomaly

    Distant Anomaly

    28 dagar sedan

    wheel, exhaust, carbon hood.

  54. Suks2Bu


    28 dagar sedan

    $6.06 a gallon 😥

  55. Michael Phelps

    Michael Phelps

    28 dagar sedan

    Best joke to the entire video "I am picking up my BEST FRIEND" HAHAHA Thats a good one XD We all know you all don't have friends XD

  56. B Leung

    B Leung

    28 dagar sedan

    Congrats Dave!! Love the 675LT. I suggest the first mod to be new wheels.

  57. Dave Amer

    Dave Amer

    28 dagar sedan

    First mod: straight pipes! Neighbors: Do you think this is a game? Dave: Yes!

  58. Melony Medford

    Melony Medford

    28 dagar sedan

    you asked what the first mod is, sounds good but it can sound way better.

  59. nAricxd


    28 dagar sedan

    So basically every supercar is Damon's ultimate dream supercar :D

  60. Paul Manno

    Paul Manno

    28 dagar sedan

    The redundant birthday superfamily travel because heat metabolically squeeze without a standing screwdriver. anxious, quack instruction

  61. Unreal Zebra

    Unreal Zebra

    28 dagar sedan

    Where’s the blonde headed dude

  62. neil chaney

    neil chaney

    29 dagar sedan

    Hey Damon and Dave, First of all love your content, I think Dave's new McLaren is amazing in the the yellow BUT, that's three yellow car's. how about doing a Gulf tribute wrap on it to tie in with the new McLaren F1 sponsorship. Lark and Gulf Livery's in the same stable would be mind blowing! Keep up the good work and Cheers from New Zealand

  63. Fabian Gard

    Fabian Gard

    29 dagar sedan

    Hearing Dave say, the mcl 675LT has a titanium exhaust, but it's not that loud... while im driving in a Peugeot 206 with standard exhaust XD

  64. Brian Welch (DELTAX GAMES)

    Brian Welch (DELTAX GAMES)

    29 dagar sedan

    HMMM first mod is buff the dent Dave did with his head lol. TIRES put some awesome shoes on that car but go woth another company than you have been.

  65. Unobtainium Welding

    Unobtainium Welding

    29 dagar sedan

    Excellent choice!!!!!! Downpipes!!!

  66. Mike Mollenhauer

    Mike Mollenhauer

    29 dagar sedan

    That's not a grand national for the car guy Anthony is I'm disappointed he can't tell the difference between a cutlass and a grand national

  67. Harkirat Sanghera

    Harkirat Sanghera

    29 dagar sedan

    bro I saw u today driving ur mclaren its sick

  68. Robert Vermeer

    Robert Vermeer

    29 dagar sedan

    Damon Dave Enthony...just saying

  69. NKDclan


    29 dagar sedan

    You guys should make the Mclaren lime green :)

  70. david hodges

    david hodges

    29 dagar sedan

    The me-ir?

  71. Mcster405


    29 dagar sedan

    Pls make more black drip tee. They are sold out

  72. 2jz Gaming

    2jz Gaming

    29 dagar sedan

    There's a 720 gtr built like yours in Nardo grey in Salt Lake City Utah

  73. Destroy X

    Destroy X

    29 dagar sedan

    It’s sad I thought it was p1 for a second smh 🤦🏾‍♂️

  74. Daniel Masis

    Daniel Masis

    29 dagar sedan

    The watery south korea chronically shade because ruth subsequently suppose sans a super jet. quirky, stimulating sponge

  75. pete hiltner

    pete hiltner

    29 dagar sedan

    First Mod: Vorsteiner Wheels

  76. Anthony Tucker

    Anthony Tucker

    29 dagar sedan

    That’s a cutlass

  77. Carlos Lopez

    Carlos Lopez

    29 dagar sedan

    first mod? STRAIGHT PIPE!!!!

  78. Denzel Lag

    Denzel Lag

    29 dagar sedan

    675 gtr maybe

  79. Slyp


    29 dagar sedan

    Did anyone see John Cena? I didn't

  80. Kent Mcgrath

    Kent Mcgrath

    29 dagar sedan

    Sick car. I want 94 octane in the US at the pump.

  81. Rylan Wagner

    Rylan Wagner

    29 dagar sedan

    His foot slipped huh?

  82. bret rogers

    bret rogers

    29 dagar sedan

    Put rubber or foam around the doors to protect Dave's head!

  83. Blake Bradham

    Blake Bradham

    29 dagar sedan

    We need a Lexus LFA

  84. King Rubio

    King Rubio

    29 dagar sedan

    Congratulations I get pumped with my Ford and Chrysler I can only imagine how pumped you were with a Mac. That merch is 🔥

  85. Josh Stubinski

    Josh Stubinski

    29 dagar sedan

    Day 2 of asking DDE to build an Audi RS3

  86. Jose Vitela

    Jose Vitela

    29 dagar sedan

    14:30 its a damn oldsmobile cutlass he was about to say see i know my cars but he stoppes talking😂

  87. Tj Lance

    Tj Lance

    29 dagar sedan

    sorry bud that was a cutlass not a grand national.. we love you anyway. like the wheels.

  88. EmileWRX


    29 dagar sedan

    Dave's face at 10:00 says it all

  89. Tony Fit

    Tony Fit

    29 dagar sedan

    why you spoiling the movie ;(

  90. Whisky’6’sixty


    29 dagar sedan

    If your going over the pond (atlantic) I suggest you take a trip into wonderful Wales, beautiful mountain roads and insane roads for a rip around!

  91. Bas Berendsen

    Bas Berendsen

    29 dagar sedan

    nope, Tim burton aka Shmee150 is the 1 and only McLaren ambassador

  92. Adeon Waters

    Adeon Waters

    29 dagar sedan

    Why did they just do a random montage of an Aston

    • Adeon Waters

      Adeon Waters

      29 dagar sedan

      No speaking or anything

  93. James Wood

    James Wood

    29 dagar sedan

    Absolute bosses the pair of you congratulations

  94. Jose Lopez

    Jose Lopez

    29 dagar sedan

    Wow after all the ROYALTIES from the movies he made way back in the 80s playing Freddy Crugar you would think he had more money to afford the car sooner.... lmao

  95. Rj Brooker (Mia&Zane)

    Rj Brooker (Mia&Zane)

    29 dagar sedan

    I want to see an 2005 Honda NSX

  96. scottwa


    Månad sedan

    Those wheels are horrid on that car. Might work once it's wrapped.

  97. Saksham Tiwari

    Saksham Tiwari

    Månad sedan

    Want to see all the dde cars at one place specially the 3 yellows

  98. Saksham Tiwari

    Saksham Tiwari

    Månad sedan

    Perfect match for the two lambos ❤❤

  99. DarkSagan


    Månad sedan

    Congrats Dave and thats awesome having a F9 deal.

  100. Ryder Scheeren

    Ryder Scheeren

    Månad sedan

    The eager odometer disconcertingly phone because father therapeutically carve an a chief mile. obscene, puzzling tachometer