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YOU WON"T BELIEVE WHY THIS COP PULLS ME OVER! *Most Ridiculous Ticket In A Lamborghini* se-one.info/cycle/Yr2tZsmbnHqIja4/video
You WON"T BELIEVE WHY He Pulled Over! se-one.info/cycle/natiftmIb6OOmrY/video
Laguna Police Ticket Lamborghini Passenger WE'RE IN TROUBLE se-one.info/cycle/qMSfeZFkqK6bpKo/video
Lamborghini Pulled Over By Oregon State Police se-one.info/cycle/dsiHpKyUqrGogaI/video
WE TOUR FAST \u0026 FURIOUS LOCATIONS IN LA! "TUNA, NO CRUST" se-one.info/cycle/bLN2nZRmh4WJZ8g/video


  1. DailyDrivenExotics


    Månad sedan

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    • Speed Demon

      Speed Demon

      9 dagar sedan

      Sue their ass's.

    • Creative Space

      Creative Space

      Månad sedan

      I work at an impound yard is SF Bay Area in California. We store all our high value cars INSIDE!!! They stored yours outside, as evident by the dirt coat and that's why you got scratches on the hood. Down here cats do that up there is can be cats or raccoons or opossums. I've seen all of them in our outside yard down here. It's the nails of wildlife I can almost guarantee it. I say almost because normally you will see their tiny feet prints in the dirt. Ps. That bill was cheap. I paid 400 for 4 hours in San Francisco one day. Also we charge over $220 per hour to tow. So you could be right down the block. If it's coming to the yard $220 is the minimum. We also charge over $100 a day storage. This is about 1 hour outside of SF I guess I should have kept watching mystery solved he is correct. The break lights are metal magnets and that Wright where they go. Experienced driver either put painters tape over the magnet or a piece of paper under them. It's very common mistake.

    • Vivian Barnard

      Vivian Barnard

      Månad sedan

      Paul Walker 2 fast 2 furious skyliner Nissan skyline R34 GTR

    • Thahir Udit

      Thahir Udit

      Månad sedan

      Damon is the best

    • Thahir Udit

      Thahir Udit

      Månad sedan

      Dde is the best SE-one channel in the world

  2. v1m30


    59 minuter sedan

    There is a reason they call the pigs, because they act like it, damn that poor R34 :(

  3. 2DogsVlogs


    Timme sedan

    I'd love to find my Ford Orion F631HTU. It was impounded near London , Ontario as they don't thing the plates are real, they are plastic in the UK. Also traveling on an Australian license doesn't help. I'm staying at a friends place in Tecumseh before heading to Bay City MI.

  4. Jon Toland

    Jon Toland

    2 timmar sedan

    Please show the court stuff and the aweful police

  5. Katie BooX

    Katie BooX

    7 timmar sedan

    Replace your under diffuser bolts with titanium then they only need a quick polish no rust ever

  6. Tyler let

    Tyler let

    Dag sedan

    man i have to slow down, sometimes am 60 over in the Aristo

  7. Ryan Blake

    Ryan Blake

    2 dagar sedan

    If you ever get towed take like 100 4K photos of the car just before they load it

  8. Dennis Gagnon-Kitchen

    Dennis Gagnon-Kitchen

    4 dagar sedan

    You should have asked that guy in the Porsche what was the name of the cop that impounded his car cuz his was impounded for 7 days too got out on the same day maybe it was the same cop

  9. Robertson Family

    Robertson Family

    6 dagar sedan

    Canada has gone full blown Social Republic....the dark side

  10. i am the wolf

    i am the wolf

    6 dagar sedan

    the scartches are prob from that cop

  11. Nicholas Longino

    Nicholas Longino

    9 dagar sedan

    Ahhh, smooth transition to that sponsor bro!

  12. Lethal Sense

    Lethal Sense

    11 dagar sedan

    Buddy throws water bottle on roof then notices a scratch😂

  13. Morgan Allerton

    Morgan Allerton

    11 dagar sedan

    I believe the scratch is from the cop's duty belt.

  14. Deathspark21


    12 dagar sedan

    Last year I feel like everyone was sponsored by raycon. I haven't heard a raycon sponsor for awhile. Nice to see they're still going strong though.

  15. Fuse Jokester

    Fuse Jokester

    13 dagar sedan

    Wait. You placed your earplugs in there just for the sponsorship part of the video? Know what. I can't complain that was honestly a smooth switch

  16. Alexa Palacios

    Alexa Palacios

    13 dagar sedan

    Hella do it

  17. Adrianlfo


    13 dagar sedan


  18. aras janeliunas

    aras janeliunas

    14 dagar sedan

    Is it just me or does DDE need a sponsorship from a dash cam company

  19. droidx2012 aka. CATBURGLER1

    droidx2012 aka. CATBURGLER1

    14 dagar sedan

    Can u charge them for a new paint job??? I know u have video of the car before it got taken 2 the lot

  20. matt2244


    14 dagar sedan

    Why i do my best to avoid going to BC and when i need to I don't hit the big cities, they're out to get you if you have a none BC plate. Also they should be happy the car's they have are not being key'ed and having tires slashed.

  21. wayne p

    wayne p

    14 dagar sedan

    a friend in so cal .. got pulled over in his mustang.. going over 130MPH on a main street without any driveways, homes, cross streets.. cost him $12,000 for the ticket and the bail to get out of jail.. the reckless driving charge against him.. caused Department of motor vehicles to Cancel his car wrecking dealer license for his company. forcing him to close his business.. could not sell it as there was no license left.. then the judge thru the book at him when he went to court.. i don't know when he is going to get out of PRISON..

  22. wayne p

    wayne p

    14 dagar sedan

    i think you will find they have Radar operated speed cameras in BC.. they had an issue when they first installed them.. they had 300,000 speeding tickets issued in the first month of operation and swamped the courts..

  23. Isa Baker

    Isa Baker

    15 dagar sedan

    You definitely made the money back from this video👍!

  24. Rather Be Restoring

    Rather Be Restoring

    15 dagar sedan

    That rusty diffuser hardware just has to go!!

  25. smokin_phillies


    15 dagar sedan

    Your storage charge is cheap. In Florida you would pay $220 A-day for tow yard storage

  26. Gilbert Lopezjr

    Gilbert Lopezjr

    16 dagar sedan

    Military grade = lowest bidder

  27. Gilbert Lopezjr

    Gilbert Lopezjr

    16 dagar sedan

    Does it come in black Mr Fox?

  28. Michal


    16 dagar sedan

    if people could be impounded in the US for going 40 over the limit there would be a crisis.

  29. Jon R

    Jon R

    17 dagar sedan

    Sue them and take away all of their profits from the erroneous tickets

  30. Cl1xys 401

    Cl1xys 401

    17 dagar sedan

    Did you confront them or ask them to pay for the new paint for the scratches

  31. Darrell James

    Darrell James

    17 dagar sedan

    As a tow truck driver from the US, the scratch on the roof is 100% from tow lights.

  32. joshtp1234


    18 dagar sedan

    In the video of the car getting impounded, you can see the cop scrape his hip on the the car, that's where one of the scratches came from.

  33. Brian Desjarlais

    Brian Desjarlais

    19 dagar sedan

    Could it have been u ? When ur throwing shit on the roof

  34. Jayfen Wenzel

    Jayfen Wenzel

    19 dagar sedan

    I beg to differ your impound fees aren't shit where I am it's $200 a night and by the way here they don't count Saturday and Sunday as one of your seven days so if there was a weekend in there that's two extra days that you're going to be paying for so a week here would be fourteen to sixteen hundred dollars and that's just storage fee that's not counting the tow or taxes

  35. Brian Desjarlais

    Brian Desjarlais

    19 dagar sedan

    Ha ha ! Good your your just deserved

  36. Shane Sischo

    Shane Sischo

    19 dagar sedan

    In California, the impound fee for a well would be over a thousand. And none of the actual impound lot looks like that. All of them are pot holes gravel.

  37. uindy4


    21 dag sedan

    Sue the tow yard, sue the police department, sue the police officer, go to court.

  38. Caileb Newell

    Caileb Newell

    21 dag sedan

    thats the cheapest impound ever.

  39. Rob Kitchen

    Rob Kitchen

    22 dagar sedan

    That's cheap ...its over $300 just for the tow plus $60-80 per day here in the East SF Bay Area in California..... It's a rip off when storage cost same as a cheap motel room

  40. Eric lehman

    Eric lehman

    23 dagar sedan

    Alot of tow services are the biggest scam ever all it takes is someone to call on a car then you're out x amount of dollars for storage for the tow fie effing gas

  41. 205miles is stupid

    205miles is stupid

    23 dagar sedan

    They technically got a GT-R for $400

  42. A & A Auto Glass Plus

    A & A Auto Glass Plus

    23 dagar sedan

    That would be legalized extortion by British Columbia's Finest.

  43. Reeshab Maharaj

    Reeshab Maharaj

    23 dagar sedan

    That’s pussy boy damages.

  44. Norsewmn


    24 dagar sedan

    I had a pick up that my hubby had given to me before he passed away. It was just an old Ford F-250 but since my husband had recently passed, that old truck was very special. So when I myself got sick and hospitalized, I was devastated to learn my truck was stolen. I was heartbroken. And since I couldn't be there to physically get it when the cops found it, they wouldn't release it to my parents. I lost my truck because I couldn't afford to get it out. That was just another slap in the face. I was robbed twice.

  45. Jonus Smith

    Jonus Smith

    24 dagar sedan

    Your impound cost me a Duralast battery ad and a Chime card ad. lol

  46. 8buschy


    24 dagar sedan

    That's from the cop walking beside your car when he was giving you the ticket. All the gear they carry on their belt!

    • 8buschy


      24 dagar sedan

      The damage on the rear quarter!

  47. Johnathan Hunt

    Johnathan Hunt

    24 dagar sedan

    That raycon segway my god couldnt have set that up better

  48. Dom 05

    Dom 05

    24 dagar sedan

    I saw your car in Cloverdale

  49. eibust


    24 dagar sedan

    The scratching on the side is probably from the officer who pulled you over

  50. Wilsooonnn C

    Wilsooonnn C

    24 dagar sedan

    I don’t want to be that guy but I’m sure if you don’t want scratches don’t slide plastic bottles across your roof but maybe it’s just me

  51. ernest tibbs

    ernest tibbs

    25 dagar sedan

    Seriously!... You didn't really expect Police to Not fuck with your vehicle...did you? Did you check tires,... did you review any electronic tracking, performance records - Learned, the hard way, that non-owners will abuse damn near any every desirable performance vehicles.

  52. T Beck

    T Beck

    25 dagar sedan

    Lawsuit Time!!!

  53. Dahny Films

    Dahny Films

    25 dagar sedan

    *throw shit on and across the roof all the time*. ''what happened to the roof bro wtf''

  54. Chris Ragona

    Chris Ragona

    25 dagar sedan

    tow light. shoulda got it bedded. Watching you throw bottle across roof?

  55. TheMaverick


    25 dagar sedan

    So, did you do anything about the damage?

  56. KuKoKaNuKo


    25 dagar sedan

    Wouldn't it have been better to do the damage checks while it's still in the lot? This way they can't say "Oh you did that after you left here". Unless BC has different laws, I dunno (I'm in CA, I don't leave a place w/o looking over my property in a scenario like this). Unless you guys took pics of the damage prior to leaving the lot. Good video though.

  57. David T

    David T

    25 dagar sedan

    The scratch on the side is 100% the police officer when he gave you the ticket which is why you never saw it before. Go see the impound video at 7:20 you see him rubbing along the side of the car.

  58. LixerAva IsSus

    LixerAva IsSus

    25 dagar sedan

    bro snoop is dead

  59. BZRKR120


    25 dagar sedan

    2.8mil? Damn been here since 100k! Love the vids man!!!

  60. John Doe

    John Doe

    25 dagar sedan

    So much cringe

  61. Dawson J

    Dawson J

    25 dagar sedan

    We’re they not throwing things on the top of the roof at the gas station?

  62. W8uejeoe Oq9qkw

    W8uejeoe Oq9qkw

    26 dagar sedan

    Any updates on the r34?

  63. CrackerjackThePony


    26 dagar sedan

    This is why I have a full dashcam/rear cam running 24/7.

  64. Luna Impact

    Luna Impact

    26 dagar sedan

    this makes me never want to get a car.. it's just so damn complicated. what is all this? lmao

  65. No Dice

    No Dice

    26 dagar sedan

    Not only do you pay fees but you also need to pay for the damages incurred on your own vehicle while it was not in your possession😭

  66. Matt White-0

    Matt White-0

    26 dagar sedan

    i literally got impounded in front of an impound yard and they charged me 200$ i could have rolled it into the yard same yard had my motorcycle and broke a turning signal and stepped onto my seat goofy

  67. music memegodz

    music memegodz

    26 dagar sedan

    I’m guessing the ear buds were impounded

  68. Saintケストレル


    27 dagar sedan

    4 hour drive... oops, forgot which car we were in, 40 minute drive!

  69. Mussa Musumeci

    Mussa Musumeci

    27 dagar sedan

    Didn’t you guys notice the cop scraping down you right hand quarter panel when he was walking back to the cop car when he impounded it!

  70. Ford Guys Videos

    Ford Guys Videos

    27 dagar sedan

    Ceramic coating and a Paint protection film will provide protection to the Paint, now it needs a buff.

  71. chris r

    chris r

    27 dagar sedan

    My dream car an R34 Skyline

  72. bryan Leonardo

    bryan Leonardo

    27 dagar sedan

    put a tiny cam on the speedo so you can prove the speed that you where doing

  73. Craig Mcintosh

    Craig Mcintosh

    27 dagar sedan

    Hey my 1st car was an 89 240sx manual hatchback loved that fucking car

  74. itz0rn


    27 dagar sedan

    Why is the left cap blue and the right cap red? O_o

  75. Mikro Wave

    Mikro Wave

    27 dagar sedan

    A little under $500 to be stored for a week? Yo that's a steal and a bargain lol. Try getting impounded in NoVA, DC, MD, or SoCal as it's a lot more plus hook-up fees!

  76. riftalope


    27 dagar sedan

    Ya, if Texas had that kind of racket they'd need guard towers and tanks to keep folks from assaulting the lot. ... Also write down AND record your miles before the tow truck comes.

  77. michael knowlden

    michael knowlden

    27 dagar sedan

    So what is the outcome of this issue!?!

  78. Matthew Holman

    Matthew Holman

    27 dagar sedan

    I like the utah state prison in the thumbnail

  79. James Ireland

    James Ireland

    27 dagar sedan

    Trying way to hard to be funny and count how many times he says R34 lol

  80. Paul Crews

    Paul Crews

    27 dagar sedan

    8 bucks a gallon. Wowza

  81. JMWOBS


    27 dagar sedan

    It costed about $480 to get the car out of impound? That's a little more than i make for 2 weeks of work x.x

  82. mstngken


    28 dagar sedan

    A total scam between the Canuc government and the towing companies!

  83. Daniel Reid

    Daniel Reid

    28 dagar sedan

    I would sub if I wasn't already

  84. Hasan Erdim Ateslier

    Hasan Erdim Ateslier

    28 dagar sedan

    who behaves like a douchebag on the road just cause his videos make him more money than the fines he got to pay, oh right DDE! 😁😂

  85. Declan Hughes

    Declan Hughes

    28 dagar sedan

    That scratch is from the cop walking past it when it got impounded. @dailydrivenexotics

  86. Declan Hughes

    Declan Hughes

    28 dagar sedan

    How do you not have 98....

  87. KingNewfyDog


    28 dagar sedan

    Move to america

  88. Jonathan Corrigan

    Jonathan Corrigan

    28 dagar sedan

    So in the last video you kept asking the top how fast you were going, he didnt give his name or badge. Insinuating he doesn't have radar proof and just pulled you over. Are you going to dispute the ticket or did you actually get radar'd?

  89. Anthony Castoria

    Anthony Castoria

    28 dagar sedan

    I have a question when you shift to first is it normal or opposite side

  90. ABC TOWZ


    28 dagar sedan

    Scratches on ur roof are from the tag lights

  91. ABC TOWZ


    28 dagar sedan

    Come down to Toronto brother u would have paid close to 700-1000 for a 7 day impound

  92. Budget Boost DIY

    Budget Boost DIY

    28 dagar sedan

    so if the top damage was done from magnet brake lights from the tow truck I wonder if theirs a market for a padded adhesive mat with a thin metal strip over it so if your have a nice paint job or car you can stick that padding on top of the car and prevent the tow lights megnets from damaging it?

  93. Budget Boost DIY

    Budget Boost DIY

    28 dagar sedan

    Anytime they impound your vehicle you need to go around your car and take as many photos as you can as this will be the only way to prove the damage was done in their care.The courts will most likley not charge them for damage unless you have a nice clear video shot or image of the area before it was damaged.

  94. King_cuben


    28 dagar sedan

    I payed 1,575.95$ for my car lol for doing donuts : operation no need for speed

  95. Bob Saget

    Bob Saget

    28 dagar sedan

    Lol nice

  96. Mansore R

    Mansore R

    28 dagar sedan

    Lol that’s about what it cost for a day in a California impound lot.

  97. HaPPPY face

    HaPPPY face

    28 dagar sedan

    Been here just before you bought Dave the r8... is that og or nah? Half a litre of redbull? I drink 3 of them a day 😂

  98. AudibleVisible


    29 dagar sedan

    Hopefully you didn't ruin the $15k hood

  99. AudibleVisible


    29 dagar sedan


  100. Slick Nick99

    Slick Nick99

    29 dagar sedan

    MY DREAM CAR IS A 1993 240SX S13